US State Mini Travel Cribbage Board with Custom Cribbage Pegs


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US State Mini Travel Cribbage Board with Custom Cribbage Pegs – Travel Portable Cribbage On the Go

Our US mini cribbage board set comes packaged with any unique custom pegs of your choosing. This is a perfect travel sized cribbage board that comes with the US State cutout in the center, and State name engraved underneath. Made with a mix and match of cherry & walnut woods, hand crafted and includes any 2 sets of our original custom cribbage pegs. This game is very portable, and comes with a pouch to store pegs & board.

This listing is for 1 travel cribbage board. You will see in the photos on this listing, 2 variations of styles for these cribbage boards. As shown in the photos, we make with cherry wood on the outside, and dark walnut in the middle, as well as walnut on the outside, cherry in the middle. We select the style for your state we have in stock all made, so you will receive one style version or the other. Both styles are beautiful and solid!

To keep this travel sized on the go, this is a half track board so you can either play a quick game once around the board, or go around the board twice for a full game.

4″ x 7.5″

– 1 Travel Cribbage Board
– Set of 2 matching pegs
– Drawstring Pouch to store pegs & board
– All Packaged in clear box, gift ready

Again, we create in house, a couple styled versions of this board as shown in photos, one with cherry on the outside, walnut in the middle, and walnut on the outside, cherry in the middle. We decide & select the one board style for inner and outer we have in stock for your state to ship.

Browse our Entire Shop to view all our 100+ different cribbage peg designs. We offer all sorts of wildlife, custom names, US states, sports and more! If you’d like name pegs, we use our vertical style #2 text pegs which is the most popular! If you prefer a different style, tell us the style # you like.

Item is completely custom made to order and ships directly from our Maine workshop.

Alabama Cribbage
Alaska Cribbage
Arizona Cribbage
Arkansas Cribbage
California Cribbage
Colorado Cribbage
Connecticut Cribbage
Delaware Cribbage
Florida Cribbage
Georgia Cribbage
Hawaii Cribbage
Idaho Cribbage
Illinois Cribbage
Indiana Cribbage
Iowa Cribbage
Kansas Cribbage
Kentucky Cribbage
Louisiana Cribbage
Maine Cribbage
Maryland Cribbage
Massachusetts Cribbage
Michigan Cribbage
Minnesota Cribbage
Mississippi Cribbage
Missouri Cribbage
Montana Cribbage
Nebraska Cribbage
Nevada Cribbage
New Hampshire Cribbage
New Jersey Cribbage
New Mexico Cribbage
New York Cribbage
North Carolina Cribbage
North Dakota Cribbage
Ohio Cribbage
Oklahoma Cribbage
Oregon Cribbage
Pennsylvania Cribbage
Rhode Island Cribbage
South Carolina Cribbage
South Dakota Cribbage
Tennessee Cribbage
Texas Cribbage
Utah Cribbage
Vermont Cribbage
Virginia Cribbage
Washington Cribbage
West Virginia Cribbage
Wisconsin Cribbage
Wyoming Cribbage

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