Pine Tree Epoxy Cribbage Board


Production Time

2 Weeks

Enter your design (Lid design options: Chickadee, US State cutout, Moose, Lobster, Bear, Compass)

Enter 3 Peg Designs (Example: Moose, Tree, Fish)

Optional Personalization to engrave on (family name, camp, etc)


Our custom Pine Tree epoxy cribbage board is the latest in our outdoors cribbage collection. Comes with a 3 path track made on 2 layers of laser engraved cherry wood. Mountains are engraved and we have room if you would like to get this personalized with a family name. The leather lid holds pegs locked inside a slot with built in magents. The leather lid can have a chickadee, compass, paddles, moose, bear or a US state cutout. Pictured is our green epoxy filled tree.

1 Custom Cribbage Board
3 Sets of our Custom Wooden Pegs

Each board comes engraved with the mountain scene above, and filled with the epoxy tree. You can further personalize with your family name/camp/special message as well on the board. Just leave in notes.

Comes with 2 sets of our any of our custom wooden pegs! These make it so special!

To view our Custom Peg Options, look at the cribbage pegs on our website.

Size: 15.5″ x 5.75″

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