Custom Name or Word Cribbage Pegs


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(ex: Madeline, Thomas)


Get ready to up your cribbage game with these custom name cribbage pegs! These are the most unique way to add flair to your game and always know who’s pegs belong to each player. Personalize your cribbage game with any name or fun word on a set of 2 matching custom name pegs. We have 4 fun styles for you to choose. Every player gets 2 pegs, so if you personalize with “Laura” we make 2 pegs that say “Laura”. Get a set for each member of your family or friends so you always know who’s who in the game making it way more fun!

Use funny names, words, anything at all. Add more players and save!


  • Your Name on Cribbage Pegs
  • Select the style of choice from the drop down. We’ll make any name or words fit
  • Made with Solid Maple Wood
  • Fits 1/8″ standard cribbage board peg holes
  • Height roughly 1.2″ – 1.5″ inches depending on designs and length of names chosen
  • Graphics/lettering engraved on one side of peg

This is for a set of 2 matching wooden cribbage pegs to fit 1/8″ standard cribbage board peg holes. Pegs have a tapered end finish to fit nicely in 1/8″ holes. The graphics are engraved on one side of the peg, but cutout in the shape on both sides. If you want a really long name or multiple words, we’ll use our judgement on design and these will either go on 2 lines or smaller text size to fit the peg nicely.

Additional information

Number of Players / Names

1 Player (2 Pegs), 2 Players (4 Pegs), 3 Players (6 Pegs), 4 Players (8 Pegs), 5 Players (10 Pegs), 6 Players (12 Pegs), 7 Players (14 Pegs), 8 Players (16 Pegs)

Peg Style

Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 4

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