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Custom Lake Cribbage Boards



Any custom lake or pond cribbage board, customized for every state, and personalized with a family name, camp name or any message. We can make this for any lake or pond in the U.S. Comes with a 3 path track. Just share your information and we’ll add the outline of your state, and state name within the design.

1 Custom Cribbage Board
2 Sets of any of our Custom Wooden Design Pegs

Back of our boards comes with a carved out pocket for cribbage peg storage.

Each board comes engraved with your body of water, the coordinates you provide, or we’ll find coordinates online for that body of water, and your state outline & state name underneath. You can further personalize with your family name/camp/special message as well on the board.

Comes with 2 sets of our custom wooden pegs or name cribbage pegs! These make it so special. Each body of water is hand mixed & poured with a beautiful blue water filled epoxy.

To view our Custom Peg Options, look at the cribbage pegs on our website.

Our cribbage boards are made of cherry hardwood and is about 15″ x 5″ finished in size.

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