Bees Wooden Custom Cribbage Pegs



Bees Wooden Cribbage Pegs – Set of 2 Pegs

This is for a set of 2 wooden cribbage pegs to fit 1/8″ standard cribbage board peg holes. Height is roughly 1.2″ – 1.5″ inches, depending on design chosen. Be sure to browse all of our cribbage peg options in our shop.

Our one of a kind custom wooden cribbage pegs make for a great addition to your cribbage board. Most of our products are made with a love for the outdoors and Maine, so you’ll find most of our custom pegs within this theme. Be sure to browse all our options!

Pegs are made from solid maple hardwood, and each one is individually hand sanded to fit a 1/8″ standard cribbage board peg hole. Since these are finished by hand, each one appears what we like to call “rustic” at the base as it is not done by a machine. But that’s what makes them even more special and unique.


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