Custom Engraved Wooden Creations

My name is Heather & I create a variety of personalized, wooden, engraved gifts and games. Our specialty is personal lake & pond art within our creations. Browse our products below or message us for custom orders.

Cribbage Pegs

Over 30 designs of custom outdoor themed critters, animals and objects. Custom requests available online.

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Lake Ornaments

Any custom lake or pond ornament

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Maine Catchall Tray


These are our newest collection of trays & plates. This is for a Maine Shaped Wooden eco-friendly tray that is completely food safe. 3/4″ thick cherry & maple wood options available. This makes such a great catchall tray for coins, a snack plate for kids, or serve up your cheese & crackers. Even better, flip it over to use as a cutting board on the backside.

Each tray is sanded to a nice edge all around, and sealed with a food-safe oil finish. Continue to oil your plate/tray over time just as you would your cutting boards with a mineral oil or vegetable oil to keep it sealed and conditioned!

Size is about 5″ x 8″

What a great keepsake & gift!

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Wooden Cards

Wooden engraved cards that can be personalized

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Personalized Fillet Board

Handmade “Groovy Waves” Fillet Board is our personalized solid cherry board for measuring & filleting your big catch! What a great gift for a fisherman friend. We can add any personalization at the bottom of the board. A full 18″ engraved ruler runs across the top.

Cherry Wood
Size 20″ x 7″

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Lake Art Cutting Board Combo Sign

$145 – Small | $185 – Large
Handmade Wavy Edge Cutting Board serves up as a combination beautiful epoxy filled lake sign on the front with the backside as a useful cutting board. We make these on maple or cherry wood, with wavy on one and 2 sides. As well as now offering 2 sizes, small & large.

Any engraved name, camp location and coordinates can be added. Tree to far right can be engraved or left off. If lake runs vertical North to South we will make a wavy side in the top part of the board and board will run vertical instead of horizontal to get lake as large as possible.

Wood Options: Cherry or Maple.
Sizes: Small: 11″ x 6″ | Large: 18″ x 7″

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Town Sign & Cutting Board with Loon or Other Animal

Handmade “Groovy” Cutting Board serves up as a combination town sign to display and the backside is a great cutting board.

Wood Options: Cherry or Maple. Size 18″ x 7″ Wavy on top and bottom of sign. Animal options can be loon, lobster, lighthouse, fish, bear, deer or your state silhouette.

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Engraved Lake Platter or Cutting Board

We stock a variety of third party cutting boards and platters, along with making our own “groovy” cherry or maple cutting boards. This is for an engraved lake or pond cutting board. Inquire for options we may have in stock for our variety of board types.

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Lake Cribbage Boards

Handmade Cribbage Boards for any US Lake or Pond makes a great personalized gift.

Wood Options: Maple. Size 15″ wide x 5″ tall x 3/4″ thick. Lake filled with blue colored epoxy. Add any extra engraved family name, lake information such as depth, size, & coordinates. State silhouette engraved below lake name. We have over 30 custom cribbage peg designs for you to add to this order!

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Framed Lake Art or Lakes Regions

Interior Engraved Wood Options: Cherry or Maple Plywood. Comes in variety of frames we have in inventory.
Size: 11 x 14” interior. Water is a vinyl backed color water. We have 3 shades of blue: light blue, navy blue, teal/turquoise in the order from left to right above.

Custom & Personalized: Indicate information you want added. We typically can include: Family name, lat/long coordinates of lake or your actual home/camp location, local roads if wanted, compass & lake name.

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USA Flag Lake Art

Interior Engraved Wood Options: Cherry or Maple Plywood. Comes in variety of frames we have in inventory.
Size: 11 x 14” interior. Water is a vinyl backed color water. We have 3 shades of blue: light blue, bright blue, or darker navy blue.

Comes with Lake name, coordinates of your home or camp, or general lake coordinates, compass & Maine engraved as seen above.

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